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Our Story

Rocket car wash is a local car wash and detail center that has been serving clients in the the Pottstown area. With over 59 years of experience in the industry, we strive to treat your car like royalty, hand washed and carefully cleaned inside and out. This isn't a place to throw soap and water on your car, but a experience your car won't forget. Come on over or contact us for more information. Rocket will blast away the dirt off your car!!

We have all types of car wash packages and all types of detailing packages come on by and check out the deals.

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Meeting Your Needs

We at Rocket Car wash like to think that we are more than a car wash. Everyone who works at Rocket cares about every vehicle that comes through our wash. We are located on west high st. Easy to find and easy to get in and out. The car wash has been here for over 59 years.  We only use the best chemicals and tools to get your car cleaned. As everyone is different, we will listen to your needs. Because no one is perfect everyday, please tell us what can be done to improve your experience at Rocket. We offer full and exterior only washes. Unlike some car washes that only offer exterior only washes, we offer both. In our full service washes, we have a team of employees that will cater to your needs. We also offer hand washes for that Vip touch for those who prefer a hand wash over going through our soft cloth tunnel.

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Professional Service

When it comes to detailing, we are the best. We have a detail bay that can make your car looking like new. We offer everything from full details to Interior details, such as hand waxes to carpet and mat shampoo. If you are thinking about selling your car or trading it in, make sure to get it detailed before you do. It is a proven fact that the cleaner the car, the more value your can get. At least get the car washed. The number 1 reason many people get less money than expected for their vehicle is that the vehicle is dirty. We also offer headlight restoration. If you have an older car that the headlights have yellowed, we can remove that yellowness and make them clear again. You will see the difference, especially at night.



Always Available

Everyone has heard that it’s a good idea to regularly wax their car, but not everybody knows why. We get asked all the time what benefits people can gain by waxing their car, so we decided to post five great reasons.

SHINE- Wax is the easiest way to get your car looking glossy and new. A carnauba based wax generally will provide wonderful depth and clarity, and good protection.

PROTECTION- If your paint is left unprotected by a wax or other sealant then it’s at risk. Bugs, acid rain, and other corrosive materials can settle into your paint and etch it, causing damage nothing short of repainting can fix this (expensive by the way). A layer of wax will create a barrier between your paint and the rest of the world so that these contaminants become embedded in the wax instead of your car.

CLEANS EASIER- One great reason to wax your car that many people might not know is that a wax will make your car A LOT easier to get clean. Inevitably, you will get bugs, sap, and all other sorts of things dripping onto your car. Wax will prevent them from making contact with your paint. They will then be wiped away with a car wash or will come off when the wax is removed. Without a coat of wax, these things may need a full detail to be properly removed.

PREVENTS PAINT CHIPS- Little paint chips can occur when you’re driving at high speeds and tiny rocks and stones jump up and hit your paint. Car wax smoothes the paint surface and will reduce the friction between debris and your car.  This debris is more likely to slide off your car rather than damage it. This will help prevent your car from becoming the victim of little rock and paint chips which are not only unsightly but can be expensive to repaint correctly.

FILL IN SCRATCHES- Wax will not remove scratches from your car. However, it can fill some of them in. When shallow scratches are filled in by wax they become much less apparent, and or not noticeable at all.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

For the certain individual who prefers their car to be hand washed. We will hand wash your vehicle with a soft sponge and using the same safe soap from our car wash. Then we will towel and air dry the vehicle. Also included is the interior. We will vacuum the interior and than wipe down the dash. The windows will be cleaned and wiped with our special micro-fiber towels.


Probably one of the best places I have ever been to in a long time. I have been coming here for more than a year already and it’s so pleasant. Not only is the wash great, but how great my interior comes out. They take their time by specifically focusing their work.

Keep up the great work guys 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

Emit Beeni



225 W. High St, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA

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