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Allow us to cater our services to your needs. Not everybody needs a massive extensive detail, we understand this. Where as some vehicles, certainly require more elbow grease to get the confident final result that we are known for. Check to see what services best suit your needs, and we can help with any remaining questions you may have. Stop in or give us a call at (610) 323-9075.

Blue car being washed


Perfect for most.

Our General Interior includes a thorough High-Pressure Air Blow-Out, a fine vacuum removing any loose particulates, a general carpet shampoo treatment that easily tackles 80% of stains, as well as every interior panel cleaned and protected with our SiO2 Ceramic-Based Protectant. Ensuring a fine finished product, that lasts and makes future cleaning a breeze.

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Car Waxing


Perfect for that extra attention

With more grime, comes more time. this package gets added on to the General Interior Detail, and is perfect for the vehicle that needs more attention. If your interior has heavy staining, pet hair, sand, excessive mud, unpleasant odors, years of smoke damage, or any kind of bio-matter cleaning, this is a necessary choice for complete removal of grime from your vehicle.

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Car Wash


Always Almost Perfect

"Always Almost Perfect" has become a slogan of sorts for our Detail Department. It carries our prime principle, that we can always go further. This is where our interior services go to another level, as we polish and perfect any painted/finished panels, completely by hand. Various little things like bolts, brackets, seatbelts, screens, and leather get restored, rather than just clean. This is truly the best we can do. The most we have to offer.

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Blue car being washed


Remove everything, except the paint

Our decontamination services take clean to a further degree. If your vehicle has tar, mulch spores, gum, sap deposits, water spots, embedded iron, overspray, PennDOT's wonderful road paint, or excessive bug markings that have etched the paint, this is the package for you. We will use a combination of chemicals, clay bar, and pure elbow grease to remove any contamination your vehicle has on its surface. This is also necessary to assure a solid bond of any of our long-term protectants.

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One Step Enhancement

Following a complete decon, comes the perfect way to bring out a true gloss that isn't just filled in with wax, but actually leveled and removed. If you look at your vehicle and you see swirls, "holograms", or spider webs, these are all micro-scratches. Just a few microns deep of clear coat has been marred, thus creating these swirls that are refracting the sons light. Leaving an impure reflection. Our One-Step enhancement sees us take our deminishing-compound, that acts as a gentler way to sand these down, removing micro-millimeters of your clear coat, to make it appear as smooth as glass. It's safe to say that this option is suitable for 75% of vehicles as it removes a far majority of defects, rather than just filling them in with silicone or waxes that wash away. What you are receiving is an honest final result that is sure to last, from here, we decide your desired protection in the form of a wax or a ceramic coating option.

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