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More than "just a wash"

At Rocket Car Wash for over 67 years, our detail services have always been our primary source of development on our Full Service Car Wash options. Where we take practices, principles, and chemicals from the Detail World, into our past paced wash world. All for the pursuit of perfection. Every option of our Express Detail begin with a general vacuum, ammonia-free window cleaning, a driver-focused interior wipe-down, as well as the little nooks and crannies of the door jambs and the undercarriage.

This is just the start. We give a clean product, and from there is where we choose any scents, dressings, protectants, and areas that may need more attention.  

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Car Wash


The basic wash is just our starting point. it is what every other option builds upon.

Express Exterior:                             $8.00

Full Service Interior and Exterior :  $18.00

Buffing a Car


The Werkes is our next step up the ladder. Offering the interior scent of our 20+ options, the exterior of the vehicle is coated with our Tango Sealer Wax and Rain-X, allowing rain to easily fall away from your vehicle. 

The Werkes also includes our Hydrating Tire Dressing, that prevents your tires from dry rotting over the years.


FULL SERVICE:               $26



Our Ceramic Supreme Wash offers everything that our tunnel can give, at the best value. In addition to our other wash offerings, our Supreme adds...

a non-acid wheel cleaning, safe for all wheels.

A tri-Color Conditioning Bath, not just for looks, each color of foam is engineered to have a more specific purpose. Blue is for water-spot/Mineral Removal from the paints surface. Red is for any kind of bird soiling, bug splatter, and various biological matters that your car experiences. Purple, is to prepare the surface of your vehicle for the protective coatings it will receive. 

We've put the Ceramic, in Ceramic Supreme. The latest and greatest in vehicle paint protection is upon us. This is a product that when atomized and applied to the paint's surface, forms a glass like layer over your vehicle's clearcoat, not only magnifying the gloss, but protecting it as well. 


FULL SERVICE:               $31.00

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